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One of the major reasons as to why I stayed veggie and was hesitant about committing to veganism, was leather. I put my hands up and say I love a designer bag. I’m an all or nothing kind of person, so I couldn’t call myself vegan and still wear my Pashli bag. I either gave it all up or didn’t bother. As you know, I went vegan. So yes, I’ve said goodbye to all of my designer handbags, shoes and trainers. I was worried about what I would replace these items with. So I started to do a little research into vegan fashion brands, and the results were surprising.

I’ve found some fantastic vegan alternatives, all it took were a few Google searches. Buying into designer is a little more tricky, but you’ve got Stella McCartney who offers animal friendly bags, purses, shoes & accessories.

One of the first brands I came across was Matt & Nat. A Canadian brand, they’re widely available here in the UK and can be found on ASOS, Topshop and their own website. They’re dedicated to using recycled materials, and all of their products are vegan approved. Their designs are seriously dreamy and all have a contemporary feel. I think some people assume vegan fashion is all about hippy trousers and tie dye tote bags, but that’s totally not the case anymore!

Purse – Matt & Natt via Zalando

Another new favourite, is Wilby London. Again another ‘premium’ vegan brand, Wilby are devoted to creating sustainable, cruelty free bags and accessories. Using eco-friendly cork, the bags are lightweight yet still have a luxury feel. The particular style I’ve featured here is the Bailey satchel – the perfect everyday bag and I love the subtle logo detailing with the small charm!



Bailey Satchel – Wilby London

I think it’s fair to say vegan fashion has progressed a fair bit, and hopefully it will continue this way as more and more brands cater for the animal-friendly audience. Oh and as if you didn’t need anymore persuasion, Matt & Nat currently have a great sale on!

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