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March is a great month in my eyes, probably the best in fact. The new season starts creeping in, a hint of spring is in the air AND it’s my BIRTHDAY. The most important of all, obvs. Although this Birthday will be slightly different to other birthday’s at I’m turning 24 and thoroughly depressed by it. I feel like 21, 22 and 23 are fine but 24 is a different ball game. I’m descending into my mid 20’s fast, 25 is just around the corner and then before I know it. 30. Ugh.

Anyway as payday has just visited us I thought I would pop together a little wishlist of things to invest in this month. And Charlie if you’re reading, all good ideas for Birthday presents. Ahem.

Whistles Coat / Topshop Sunglasses / Base Range Bamboo Bra / Byredo Hair Perfume / Jil Sander Trainers / H&M Leather Cap / Mango Jeans / Weekday Top / Loxley Rucksack

I won’t bore you with details of every single item here as it’s preeeetty self explanatory but I will mention a few things. I’ve been lusting after this Limited Edition Whistles coat since it hit the new in section, it’s actually perfection. At the time of writing this though a lot of sizes are sold out, so whether I will get my mitts on one is another story.

I’m after a new backpack after discovering how wonderfully arm freeing they are. I’ve been using my current one loads recently, so I feel an upgrade is in order. This style from Loxley England caught my eye, but it might be one for the future as I appear to keep spending all of my money on booking up a million trips.

I don’t think a wishlist of mine goes by without something from Weekday appearing on it. They’re definitely one of my favourite brands and I’m so excited to visit their store in Berlin this week. I think my credit card might just take a battering.

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