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I’ve never had too much of a strict regime for blogging, mostly because up until last summer I was a student. That meant I could pretty much work to my own schedule. If I needed a day off from uni I could take it, and if I came home halfway through the day it meant I could catch up on blogging. You get the point. But now, things a lot different and a lot busier! I work 40 hours a week alongside this blog and I also write for various other online publications too. Sometimes life can feel like a bit of a whirlwind.

This means I’ve HAD to create myself a routine, and it’s taken a good while to get into it, but I feel I’m finally settled and just about keeping my head above water. Sometimes, it can be tricky and things such as the weather (hello rain and wind) can really put a spanner in the works if you’ve planned a specific day for shooting or what not.

If like me, you find yourself juggling various jobs or just struggling to get into a routine, these tips might help.

1. Write It Down

I’m known for being a bit of a notebook queen, one because they look good, and two because I’m a real list maker. I find it therapeutic to write everything down that I need to do and get it onto paper. That way I have a clear list, won’t forget anything and I can tick what needs be done off as I go. It really helps me to remain focussed, and I usually start Monday off by writing a list for the rest of the week.

2. Organise Your Time

It can be easier said than done but I’ve come to build myself a routine as to when I spend time on my blog. I usually try and shoot some photos on Saturday, and then I spend most of Sunday writing up posts, responding to emails and completing any projects I have on. I then try to dedicate at least one evening (or at least a couple hours) mid-week to catch up on any other emails and tweak any posts I didn’t get round to finishing.

3. Schedule Your Social

Scheduling tools are SO helpful, sometimes I get into a really good routine with scheduling tweets for posts, other times I can get a bit lazy with it but I’m trying! It’s a good way to promote your latest post  and doesn’t take long to schedule a few days worth of tweets. It goes without saying, you’ll see your traffic increase and your post will get the recognition it deserves! I usually use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite myself but there are quite a few out there to choose from.

4. Create A Work Area

I always feel much more inspired when I’m surrounded by a tidy work area, alongside my favourite candles and plants. For some reason, I feel it motivates me much more. Create a dedicated ‘blogging space’ if you can. Tidy your desk, put up some nice prints with a few inspiring quotes on the wall and make an area that will inspire you.

5. Take Time Out

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what ‘needs’ to be done (i.e. collaborations and agreed projects) that I find myself ploughing through these posts rather than stopping to think about other post ideas and I can lose a bit of inspiration. This year I’ve taken on considerably fewer brand projects than previously, mainly due to not wanting to stress myself out and produced rushed content that I had to get together to meet a deadline. Instead I’ve been thinking about what content I want to produce, such as this!

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