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Boohoo Rose Shoe Boots* 

Plush teddy bears carrying hearts? Boohoo ain’t got time for that. Instead of Valentines Day, Boohoo are helping me to celebrate valentines BAE. And that means a new pair of shoes because you know, shoes are bae. Forgive me for using the B word twice in one paragraph. 

I like how Valentines is done at Boohoo, the lovely content ladies popped me over an email as to what my Valentines Bae is. Obviously shoes, and umm bunnies. My house bunnies are definitely my baes oh and of course Charlie but we’re talking a Boohoo Valentines. A few days later and a new pair of shoe and some super cute bunny earrings turned up at my door. Thanks Boohoo! I’m all for Valentines Bae. 

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