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I thought I would change it up today and post something different, my everyday essentials. The things I lug around with me here, there and everywhere. I won’t lie I didn’t include the half eaten pack of soft mints, tissues and hairbands here.

The Bag is a Phillip Lim Pashli bag and is my go-to everyday bag at the moment as it’s big enough to chuck pretty much everything I need in it. It’s quite handy as the zips can be undone to expand the bag and make it even roomier, I used it as my hand luggage on my flight to America and it was like a Mary Poppins bag I tell ya!

My planner is becoming increasingly essential, I don’t think I’ve ever had the need to write so much stuff down. I’m genuinely becoming one of those people who say they’ll have to ‘check their diary’ god who am I. Adult life though. 

Oh and speaking of the planner (which I reviewed here) it’s FINALLY back in stock on Asos so be quick as I’m sure it will sell out again as these are hard to get hold of in the UK. 

Hand sanitiser had to be included as I am a little OCD with the cleanliness of my hands. I just hate germs and I even use it after I use a public bathroom because firstly they’re gross and secondly I hate how you have to wash your hands and then touch the tap to turn it off and then open the door handle thus welcoming all those germs back on your hands ERGH. Anyone else hate this? 

I’ve been carrying around these handy little Graze* snacks as they’re small and compact and really handy. If I’m out and about sometimes I find I go really shaky if I haven’t eaten all day or my blood sugar levels dip so I usually snack on a little bit of the fruit flapjack (or the chocolate pretzels as they’re my fave but fruit flapjack sounds mildly healthier). 

What essentials do you carry around with you? Are you part of the hand sanitiser brigade?

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