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One of my new years ‘goals’ this year is to buy less but invest more. I’ve done pretty well with this the past few months, opting to choose quality items or staple pieces rather than half of Topshop. I still love Topshop though, obvs.

2015 will be the year I *hopefully* graduate and maybe even get one of those JOB things. AHHHHHH. With that in mind, I might actually start earning a wage to buy all the pretty things that float into my mind on a daily hourly basis. As well as saving for boring adult things like a deposit, new car etc *yawn*. So without further a do, my list of expensive wonders:

Phillip Lim 3.1 Pashli Mini: I’ve always preferred big bags, think Paris Hilton circa 2008. I got over the resting a giant bag on the inner elbow thing sometime last year, preferring to opt for a smaller, arm freeing satchel. My Mulberry Effie satchel has been so I want something equally as small and cute et voila!

Aspinal London Makeup Bag: I have a habit of going through makeup bags pretty quickly, usually down to accidental foundation spillages and loss of eyeliner lids. Maybe if I have this beauty I’ll take extra care in assuring it stays clean and fancy.

Acne Trench Coat: I’ve got my beady eye on this bad boy. A trench is a solid investment, one that doesn’t go out of fashion so really it’s win win all round. Wahey!

Larsson & Jennings Watch: These watches are perfection. Minimal and chic.

Mulberry Pembridge Bag: I know I said smaller bags were my thing now, but I do still need something on days where I need to carry a lot of CRAP. Like 30 lipsticks, hand moisturiser, and an emergency can of pepsi max. I fell out of love with Mulberry a little bit last year, but I think our relationship is on the up again. Black bag perfection.


Russell & Bromley Loafers: I probably spend too much time drooling over the chunky loafer goodness in the window of the Cambridge store. It became apparent I need to invest in a good pair of quality shoes when the sole of my Primark loafers came away from the body of the shoe. Cue mega embarrassment and a march to the nearest R&B. They wouldn’t let me down…

Sophie Hulme Anything Tote Bag: My boyfriend treated me to a SH purse for Christmas, so clearly I need a bag to match. It’s a necessity.

Whistles Cashmere Joggers: They don’t have  to be Whistles but cashmere joggers are something I’ve been feeling at the moment. Though I prefer to join my American friends in calling them ‘sweatpants’. The perfect addition to my days of Netflix, snacks and essay avoidance.

Anything you want to save for in 2015?

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