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S Factor Papaya Moisture Spray Via Hairtrade*

Hello! I wasn’t going to post today but I wanted to tell you about a holy grail product I’ve been using recently. Now, I’m no beauty blogger but I do like to try out a lot of different hair products, especially ones that repair and treat my dyed locks. I’m a big fan of the Moroccan oil range but I’ve been using this moisture spray instead for the past couple of weeks…

Firstly, it smells AMAZING, so fruity and gorgeous and definitely the reason why I tend to spray a little more than usual. I spray it on my hair when it’s towel dried, and then either leave it to dry naturally or dry it with a hairdryer if I’m going to straighten it. The first time I used it I put my hand through my hair once dry and was actually shocked at how soft it was and couldn’t figure out why and remembered I’d used this! It’s definitely one of the best moisture sprays I’ve used and also so convenient that you don’t have to wash it out or faff around with a hair mask etc. It has my seal of approval and if you’re after a moisture treatment for your hair, I’d recommend you give this a go!

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