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It’s my favourite time of year, that sure came round quick! I can’t believe how quickly my (ridiculously long) six month summer has zoomed past. Suddenly I’m back at uni next week and contemplating which style of coat to opt for this year. Though lets face it, coats are my weakness and I’ll probably end up with around ten newbies by November. I just love this Autumn season, Halloween is looming and then the lead up to Christmas is my absolute favourite! Every year I make these elaborate plans of where I’m going to go and what I’m going to do but quite often they never all materialise. I’m determined to head to Germany this year though, love a Christmas market! So with a wishlist longer than my arm I thought I’d put together a few bits and pieces that are on my mind right now:

Topshop Coat / Dune Jaffa Keyring / Dune Liger Loafers / New Look Portfolio Clutch / River Island Trousers / Warehouse Sleeveless Knit / Warehouse Cape / Topshop Fliss Flatforms

So just a snippet of my current desires. Just like every man and his dog, I’m in need of a cape. I love the Topshop Burberry-esque version but not only did that sell out twice (couldn’t make my mind up) soo many people have it now I just wanted something similar but different. I can’t believe this Warehouse baby is only £30! Plus they have 20% off in conjunction with Unidays at the mo which brings it down to a bargainous 24. Sold. The Topshop Fliss flatforms aren’t something I’d usually go for but as I’m not going to be able to afford the Stella McCartney’s of my dreams, they will do for now. I am a sucker for croc leather too! I keep being pleasantly surprised by New Look, it’s not somewhere I shop in or particularly pay attention too but I’m loving some of their shoes, accessories and especially this clutch. 

Having worked on and off in the Dune press office this summer I’ve seen all the amazing new A/W bits and pieces which has given me a need for all things fluffy, and a pair of smart loafers. I definitely have these Liger ones on the brain, and again can’t go wrong with a bit of croc leather haha! I can definitely see myself pairing them with the River Island grey peg leg trousers for a relaxed tailored look. Have you guys got anything on your wish lists at the moment? 

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