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Topshop Culottes (sold out – similar) / Glamorous Scuba Crop* / Missguided Blazer* / Missguided Boots (old) / H&M Bag

Another day spent mooching around Cambridge, we headed to Byron today as shockingly I’ve never actually been before! I was always a bit put off by the lack of veggie options but decided to give the sole veggie option a go. It was nice but nothing new or amazing, a mushroom burger with peppers and onions etc, the fries were good though! It annoys me when places like that don’t do a few different options, not everyone wants meat ya know! So I’ve been a bit of a bad blogger this week, I think it’s because I’m so ready for A/W and my wardrobes are filling up with faux fur, its just not quite cold enough to embrace all my new threads. I’m sort of stuck in an awkward seasonal limbo. I did snag these Topshop culottes (last pair on the site ohhh yeah!) which are just perfect for this weather really. I have had a few stares whilst out and about as I don’t think people really ‘get’ them but I love ’em! 

My top is from one of my favourites, Glamorous. The material is a really cool scuba feel, I’ve wanted a scuba sweatshirt for ages so this will do quite nicely. I’ve got a wishlist longer than my arm of things I NEED right now, I think I’ll put a little (huge) post of all the items on my radar right now, Zara is just killing it!

Oh and Charlie thought he’d give fashion blogging a go….

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