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Pretty standard cold weather outfit today really, this Minkpink coat is one of my faves as it's SO warm but it's actually quite lightweight. My trousers are a new buy from River Island, they're high waisted and so comfy. They have a load of different patterns and colours so I might buy another pair though they do size up a bit big if you're thinking of buying! Can you believe how good the sales and discounts are online at the moment?! My bank account took a massive hit over the 'cyber weekend' or whatever you want to call it! I know we've pretty much stolen it from the Americans but I'm not complaining, makes Christmas shopping easier and less expensive. I didn't even realise it continued on to today, a few good discounts I've found (and used):

Anyway, I need to draw myself away from the shopping. I'm currently drowning in uni work and struggling to see any light at the end of the work filled tunnel. Ergh. 

Tilly xo

p.s excuse the over-exaggerated smile, I got told I always look grumpy :(