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Dress: River Island via ASOS sale! Shoes: River Island Bag: Mulberry Sunglasses: eBay 

HOLA!!!! Long time no blog (ish). If you follow me on twitter/instagram you maaaay have noticed I’ve been away sunning myself in Italy. Me and my mum flew into Naples and stayed in Sorrento, it’s absolutely beautiful there and SO hot. This heatwave in the UK feels like nothing compared to the intense heat over there but I kinda got used to it after a day or two. I’d never been to Italy before but it was just as I had pictured. Beautiful cliffs, pizzerias on every corner and scooters clogging the streets up.

We had planned on doing something every other day, various excursions etc but that never really works out does it?! It was so hot we just wanted to laze by the pool and chill. We did head to Pompeii though but I’ll be blogging about that in a separate post. These photos were taken on our first day, we had stayed overnight at Stansted (not something I suggest) and when I say “stayed” I mean lingered around for 5 hours waiting for our 6am flight. It was like a scene from a Will Smith apocalypse movie, people were just laying everywhere with sleeping bags but it was deadly silent. So weird. This dress became my favourite holiday item, it was a last minute buy in the ASOS sale for a mere 15 pounds. I wore it as a dress but also unbuttoned it and wore it as a kaftan type thing around the pool, handy.

Have you ever visited Italy, if so whereabouts? I’d love to go back so if you’ve been anywhere nice do let me know!

Tilly xo

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