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Jumper: Asos Shirt: Ralph Lauren Jeans: Topshop Shoes: Asos Necklace: Celliana* Bag: Mulberry 

My hair is so meh today I’m getting sick of it, it needs a good chop and I think I’m going to go a bit darker as well.  I’m so undecesive when it comes to my hair I end up leaving it for ages and getting more and more annoyed with it! Anyway, rant over. I cannot believe how cold it has suddenly got this week, was not expecting this! Last weekend it was still chilly but the sun was shining and I felt like spring was right around the corner, apparently not eh. This jumper is a newbie from Asos, I may have jumped the gun a bit and started buying into less wintery shades already but it still keeps me warm.

It’s been strange going from December where I had a lot of free time to blog etc. to January where I’m now back at uni and everything seems so full on. I’ve had the busiest week ever and I still have so much work to do. I’m going to try and be productive this afternoon but I have a few Ryan Gosling films sitting on my planner that are really temptning me…

Tilly xo

p.s I’m adding stuff to the “shop my wardrobe” section of my blog so do have a peep – selling my Topshop Alvin boots too!

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