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I’ve never been one to make new years resolutions as I know after a couple of weeks I will have probably forgotten all about them or wondered why I ever though I could try and live without chocolate. I do however like to make more realistic goals of things I would like to achieve, places I would like to visit and items I want to save for.

This year I want to try and spend more of my money towards travel and quality pieces. When I look at some of the things Ive bought over the course of this year, half of it I think I probably won’t wear again. I want to make more of an effort to go out and do things and see places rather than just thinking that I want to. My 21st birthday is in March and me and my boyfriend have spoke about heading to Paris for the weekend in celebration. I really hope this is one thing I will be able to tick off my list of goals. So these are my main goals, although there are quite a few other little things I would like to achieve. I will be adding these to a page on here and hopefully I can tick them off as they are fulfilled!

Have you made any goals for 2013, or is there anything in particular you would like to achieve?

Tilly xo

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