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wish list

PJ’s: Jack Wills iPhone Case: Marc by Marc Jacobs Lipstick: YSL Gloves: Zara Passport Cover: Mulberry Effie Bag: Mulberry 

Hello! So before you think this is just my average weekly wish list, it clearly isn’t, I must re-iterate the title of this post saving and not blowing my student loan haha! In my eyes all these items are completely justified though my mum seems to think otherwise, funny that. So firstly a new bag is top of my agenda. I currently swap between my Mulbs Bayswater and Marc Jacobs Groovee bag, both of which I love but I’ve owned these bags for a few years now and I really need a change! I used to sway more towards brown leather but I’m definitely more of a black leather lover these days. I love the quality and everything about Mulberry bags so my saving starts now!

Secondly and probably most necessary-ish is an iPad, I spend FAR too much of my life on buses (how I miss having a car) and I get to such lengths of boredom all sorts of weird streams of thoughts end up flowing through my horrendously bored brain. For example, I wonder what I would have worn if I was born in the 1800’s? So really I need an iPad for both my sanity and boredom. Oh and work of course…

I really would love some new cosy PJ bottoms. Given, I probably don’t neeeeed Jack Wills pj bottoms but they are so cosy and I live in my pair I got last Christmas! I’ll probably wait until sale time for these though because I’m not prepared to shell out 40 pounds or so in these tough timez. The iPhone case is just so cute, my Blackberry contract ends soon so I shall be upgrading to the world of iPhone hoorah! I just need them to start making them to fit iPhone 5 and fast.

The gloves are from Zara and look very slick in my opinion (and only £17.99!) but will also keep my hands nice and warm! I always make the mistake of buying mittens which gets closely followed by much frustration and the discarding of said mittens. A new lipstick is also on my list, I’ve only started wearing lipstick frequently in the past 3/4 months so I’m slowly building up a little collection. Finally, a passport cover, I think it’s fair to say I would survive ok without one but I have a couple of trips booked and it might help me not to lose it!

What’s on your wish list at the moment? Are you saving for anything in particular?

Tilly xo

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