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Naughty Chinese/ Cheesy couple photo/ M&S lunch/ Topshop card/ OOTD/ Favourite magazine/ Bought the Zara necklace!/ Biggest bar of chocolate ever/ Outfit out-take/ OOTD/ New Beb/ Trash mag Tuesday

Hi guys! So I usually do one of these posts every fortnight (on a Sunday) but I wanted to post my outfit as it actually wasn’t raining, shock, horror. I like to just feature a few real life kind of pics and a quick break from outfits, what do you guys make of these kind of posts?

Anyway as you can see I’ve been really healthy compared to the last post HA NOT. After about 2 weeks of healthy eating I managed to lose 2 pounds. Seems as my weight has literally not moved in forever this was quite a breakthrough! So I treated myself to a Chinese, as you do. I do think I’ll start it up again as I’ve been sliding into old habits again i.e chocolate. I also did something very naughty this week (before the spending ban came into place) I applied for a Topshop card. Why? I don’t know I think I was actually bored and it’s something I will probably live to regret. It was bad enough when I had a staff card and at least then I was getting a discount. My weeks seem to take a similar pattern to be honest; magazines, naughty snacks, followed by healthy snacks to make me feel better about myself, see boyfriend and friends and some shopping (lots of it). Of course there is work in-between but that’s boring and no-one would care!

On another note it struck me this week just how much I rely/can’t live without Pepsi Max. I probably drink about 4-5 glasses a day sometimes more and I hardly ever drink water (very bad I know). I’m getting to the point where If I try and go a day without it I suffer with horrendous headaches and just feel weak. I sound like I’m battling a drug addiction or something here haha but it is crazy how much it seems to affect me. Has anyone else had something similar?

 Tilly xo

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