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Print Jeans

all available @ River Island

In summer 2009 my life changed forever. Slight exaggeration but I decided to exchange my lifelong favourite jeans for the legging. 3 years later and I hadn’t worn a pair of jeans until now. As you may see in my “Blue Jeans” post I’m wearing my new pair of River Island skinnies. It’s so weird to be back in jeans again but I’m so glad I am. I felt like I was in a leggings rut. I tried to wear jeans a few times but they felt so stiff and uncomfortable I always ended up back in leggings. That’s all changed now and I am fully embracing being back in a good pair of jeans! I have also found that I fit petite or short leg jeans SO much better as I always used to get a bunch up of excess denim in regulars.

I know this sounds like a bigger deal than it is and I do still wear leggins from time to time but I feel jeans just bring my outfits together much more hence why I am now branching out to PRINTED JEANS. Can you tell I can’t get enough of denim right now? I think the heart print ones on the left are just amazingly cute and River Island sell them in a short leg – yay! I’m still not overly convinced on baroque print yet I just can’t quite work it out, what do you think? I do quite like the above print I think they’re quite fun and would look nice with a plain top and blazer.

So what are your thoughts on printed jeans? Would you wear them? Have you ever had a similar situation as me with leggings? I always love to hear your thoughts.

Tilly xo

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