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Hello fashions, I thought I’d share with you a few of my most recent buys. I was a happy girl when mr postman turned up today with two asos packages to add to my pile! I’m getting so sick of my clothes that I felt the need to shop and I’m very much still feeling that but here’s what I bought so far…

I just get really excited about packages that I took a photo haha and please excuse the straw on my rug I have three bunny rabbits hopping about the place.

So here are my bits and bobs! Just some shiny shiny american apparel leggings, I have a 20% off asos code I got back in December for January so I’m taking full advantage. The little box is home to benefit b.potent eye cream as I get dry skin round my eyes but also my mum wanted to try it out.  I bought the chiffon shirt with an “extreme” drop hem from toppers, I was a bit worried because I’m not that tall and thought it may drown me, but that’s where my flatforms come in! 

I’ve just noticed the little scuff on the black shoe! Hmm.

So you will either love them or hate them I think. I personally love them so much I ordered two! I actually didn’t, the mustard pair came on the “new in” section on asos and I snapped them up but thought I wish they had them in black and then as if by magic they bring out the black pair the next day! Little bit inconvenient but oh well so naturally, I ordered the black ones too. I am now in a state of confusion though as I like them both! On one hand the black is more versatile etc. but I’m thinking the mustard pair will be a nice spring addition? Or maybe I should keep them both…what do you think? I need help! 

Tilly xo

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