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Okay so I hope you don’t mind my very cliché “what’s in my bag” post, I actually really enjoy them myself (maybe because I’m a bit nosy) so I hope you don’t mind seeing your 138285th one! So here’s my bag and its contents:

I tend to rotate three of my favourite bags depending on my outfit, usually either my mulberry bayswater as seen above, my Marc Jacobs groovee (seen here) or my new bag I got given from my boyfriend this Christmas. I used to lean more towards brown leather but these days I much prefer black, funny how your tastes can change so much in a year. I don’t tend to carry around all my make-up, usually just the essentials:

I keep them in the cute little red Jaeger make up bag,I used to have them loose in my bag but I could never find them and they made a hell of a mess! I carry round my viva la juicy perfume as it’s the smallest bottle I have without a huge flower on the lid or something! My powder is a cheapo MUA one as I actually really like it and it’s a great colour match for my skin. A lipgloss of course, I got this Sephora one in Rhodes this summer, I wish they would come to the UK it’s such a pain! I always carry round e45 cream because I get really dry skin around my eyes, my current nail polish and lipstick of the day (which happens to be MAC myth right now) and a hand cream/lip balm.

My mulberry purse was a gift for my 18th birthday (sigh) and it’s a bit bashed around now but I quite like it that way. How cute is the little guy on my keys?! My friend Erin bought it for me from a Christmas market and I love him! As you should know (if not you need to re-evaluate your film choices) it’s the mask! I love that film it’s such a childhood fave for me as my brother used to idolise Jim Carrey when we were growing up!

I usually carry round my current read which at the moment is ‘a discovery of witches’ by Deborah Harkness, I’m loving it so far especially as I’m a total sucker (no pun intended there) for anything Vampire. From the days of Buffy to The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, I love it! My little notebook there is to jot down any lists, thoughts and I’m also trying to keep a little food diary in a hope it’ll make me eat healthier!

I hope I haven’t bored you too much if you have any similar posts I would love to see so do leave a link.

Tilly xo

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