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Jumper: River Island Shoes: Topshop
This year I told myself I was not going to waste money in the sales on stuff I don’t need, to be fair I think I’ve nearly stuck to them words. This is my first year of not working in retail at Christmas time and god did I enjoy it! The boxing day sale I worked one Christmas in River Island still haunts me, the chaos, rude customers and especially when you’ve had a few drinks on Christmas day. I feel for anyone out there who had to work the dreadful retail Christmas hours! So this year I decided to make the most of my boxing day by popping to Cambridge in the morning for a couple of hours before slumping in front of the sofa for the rest of day with Christmas leftovers galore.

I wasn’t up for proper hardcore sale shopping, I was actually only out for a couple of hours. The main reason I did decide to be a crazy person and get up early was to bag some perfume in boots. I love perfume and knowing all the sets go half price (and don’t stick around for long) I thought id regret it if I didn’t go (I’m that sad). I could have brought lots more but I decided on Vera Wang “Lovestruck” and Marc Jacobs (god I love that man) “Lola”.

 I do admit that I brought Lovestruck without even smelling it but the bottle was too pretty to resist and I didn’t want to spend too long in there as it was getting real busy. I was pleasantly surprised when I sprayed it at home, its a real floral fragrance quite musky and actually immediately reminded me of Princess. They have both taken their place on my perfume shelf! The jumper and shoes were too good to miss really, the jumper is so soft and I love the fur collar. I nearly spent lots more on half price gift sets and what not but I think I did well to resist! Quite a lot of words here so kudos to anyone who’s got this far in reading haha! I’d love to see your sale buys so do link me 🙂

Tilly xo

p.s I have a new little friend to introduce you to so stay tuned 😉

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