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Hi everyone! Been a little quiet the past week as I’ve had quite a hectic schedule! Meeting friends I don’t see often for drinks, Christmas meals and a night out in town (my town is tiny so pretty tame). I love seeing posts of what people got for Christmas probably because I’m a bit nosey! So here’s a selection of bits I received. I also got a lovely leather jacket from my mum and black faux fur gilet from my grandparents. As you can see I have enough e.l.f products to play with for a while and I got the models own nail polishes I really wanted, obviously my mum can take a hint!

As a lover of the vampire diaries, true blood and even teen wolf – cringe- I like that kind of supernatural stuff so I was pleased to find the book in my bag of goodies. Also so happy I got the Lion King, I love Disney films and this is one of my faves so I’ll be watching that later! I popped into Cambridge this morning and picked up a few bargains which I’ll share with you later.

I hope you all had a lovely day and got what you wished for and I’d love to see so send me any links!

Tilly xo

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