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The gang giving each other a clean!

Hi all, just a post to firstly let you know I’m still alive just trying to cling onto this Christmas period for as long as possible ha! I’m currently sitting watching Jumanji in my sweatpants eating twiglets, I really need to snap back to reality. Secondly I thought I’d share a little heartwarming story with you to start the new year…

So welcome my new addition, his name is Harry and he is a giant lop eared rabbit who has come into my care. I heard through my boyfriend someone was trying to get rid of a rabbit and I had to ask more as a rabbit lover who already owns two! I went to visit him at night time so it was actually difficult to tell what he really looked like but I could see he was a big rabbit in a tiny little hutch (more like a box) who could barely move so I swooped him away and took him home with me.

When I got him home I could see he had been really neglected I wont go into gory details but I will tell you it was terrible. I took him to the vets immediately to get cleaned up and checked over, even the vet was horrified he had been left in such awful conditions. However he is now bounding around my garden with my other two having the time of his life! Just how anyone could be cruel to any animal is beyond me but especially one this cute and friendly! I think it’s much more satisfying when you re-home an animal and I would always visit a shelter as opposed to buying from a breeder.

Anyway I hope you all had a fabulous new year, any resolutions? I’m thinking I may make a list but I’ll probably forget about it by January 14th so we’ll see.

Tilly xo

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