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Hi all! I was having a casual scroll (stalk) on facebook a few days ago when I saw a picture someone had uploaded of ALL their Christmas gifts brought, wrapped and ready to go. Little bit smug and eager non? I have started thinking of gift ideas and I admittedly did buy my first today but I like to leave it a little sooner so I am fully in the spirit. Christmas to me means lots of snacks (twiglets, peanuts, the usual suspects..) and lounging about watching Home Alone and Harry Potter! I love Christmas TV and generally don’t leave the sofa over the festive period. So what’s on every ones list this year? In a dream world Chanel ballet pumps and a new Mulberry are on mine but in reality that probably won’t happen! Also how adorable are those puppies?! I’ll have one of those please.

Tilly xo

p.s for the eager ones out there Brand Alley have some great savings on Parks if you are in need of a fancy candle or reed diffuser!

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