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Have you ever dreamed of living out of a van and travelling the globe without having to pay for accommodation every night? Living out of your van can be an incredible and liberating experience that offers endless adventure. However, before embarking on this amazing journey, it’s essential that your live-in van is properly equipped with all essentials. In this blog post, we will review five key tips that will ensure your dream life on the road remains both safe and comfortable! This is not an exhaustive list; however, it does cover some of the basic necessities needed to ensure you have a comfortable and functional home on the road.

Install A Quality Mattress

At the core of living in a van is having an adequate mattress. Make sure that it suits your individual needs, be it inflatable or more permanent, in order to sleep comfortably when taking breaks from travelling. Investing in quality mattresses that last will allow for restful and restorative sleep. Inadequate sleep can cause numerous health complications, so ensure you sleep well for you to have optimal travel experiences.

Make The Most Of Storage Space

As you outfit your van, it is essential that you utilise space efficiently, as living in a smaller environment will force you to get creative in how you utilise your living area. Make sure to invest in shelves, drawers and other storage solutions which make life in a van much simpler but also provide the infrastructure required for keeping everything neat and tidy.

Decorate With Cosy Details

There’s something truly magical about creating a homey atmosphere when decorating. From inviting colours and comfortable textures such as soft blankets or plush pillows, there are numerous ways to bring comfort and familiarity into any space. When living in a van, creating an inviting and cosy environment is even more crucial; not only will this ensure positive experiences along your adventures, but it will help make lasting memories that you won’t soon forget!

Install Efficient Lighting Solutions

Lighting is essential when living in a van. Make sure to invest in energy-saving lighting solutions that are easy to install and use. This includes everything from solar-powered lamps, battery-powered flashlights, and LEDs that won’t consume too much power. Outdoor lamps that allow exploration in the dark can also be a lovely addition to your van’s lighting set-up. 

Add A Basic Kitchen

A mobile kitchen can help ensure that you always have enough food and water on hand during your travels. A basic kitchen shouldn’t cost much; simply stock up on basic items like pots, pans, dishes, and utensils. Essential kitchen appliances like fridges and microwaves or kettles will allow you to cook basic meals to keep you fed during your travels. 

Living in a van can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Although these five tips only touch upon some aspects of van life, they’re essential for making sure you’re prepared to take the leap and experience freedom on the open road. With them in mind, your dream of travelling and living in your van will come true!


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