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If you haven’t been on a road trip yet, you need to get with the times. No other holiday compares to the sense of freedom a road trip can offer. You are able to take control of your destiny, take lefts turn, right turn wherever you feel like it. With no itinerary, no set destination in mind and the wind in your hair, the world is your oyster. The great thing is getting to Europe from the UK is easy, as you can take the channel tunnel or a ferry, and over you’re there all you have are the plethora of open roads and historical places to visit, among other things. It’s also very easy to hire a car once you are there if taking your own doesn’t appeal. Anyway, if that hasn’t sold you, here are some reasons why you need to take a European road trip:

The Number of Countries

There are 44 countries in Europe, and apart from the four countries of the UK and Ireland, they are all on the same landmass, meaning it is easy to travel from one country to the next. This ease is magnified by the fact that 27 countries are in the EU, meaning they have open borders, so it is even easier to go from one country to the next You don’t even need to get out a passport.

The Rich History

Europe has a long and rich history, which means there are so many places to visit, exuding this history. From the WW1 gravesites in France to the ancient castles dotted around the continent, there is so much to see and do. 

The Alps

Driving through the Alps is a must-do experience. The mountain range covers around 1,200 km and eight countries. They are France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Monaco, and Liechtenstein. You will see stunning views and travel through tunnels under the Alps. There are many places to stop and enjoy the view. Why not partake in a skiing adventure, as you can take whatever you like in your boot. You never know, you might find the love of your life in a Swiss resort and then you’ll need to have a word with the immigration lawyers so you guys can live together.

The Warm Weather

Fed up with the chilly weather of northern Europe, well the Souther Countries, like Spain, Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Greece, to name a few are perfect for you Sun worshippers. Once on the continent, all it takes is a good few hours of driving to move from cold to hot. As soon as you hit those Mediterranean countries, you feel the warmth in the air.

The Cost

Travelling Europe by car is the most cost-effective way to travel and see the sights the continent has to offer. You can take a tent and reduce costs that way, as hotels can get very expensive. You could even sleep in the car, if you wanted to, maybe put the seats down and hey presto. You can also stay at hostels which are great for backpackers and road trippers.


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