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Processing cashless payments is an integral part of any modern-day business and the move towards a more cashless society has never been more relevant as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to plague most of the world. Traditional POS systems that read magnetic strips, EMVs and NFCs are expensive to install and can be bulky and fixed.

However, mobile card readers can do all of the things of a standard card reader and more. Apart from the fact that they are quite inexpensive, some of the reasons you should consider a mobile card reader include:

  • Mobility
  • Multi technological
  • Easy to use apps

For the travelling business, mobility is of course one of the best features while the functions of a mobile card reader offer more flexibility and app integration makes it easy to keep track of any transactions.

Take It Anywhere

Whether you are a traveller or not, the mobility of a mobile card reader is probably one of the main reasons you will want to purchase one. Most of these devices are no bigger than a pocket calculator and some are even smaller which makes them extremely portable and ideal for mobile or travelling businesses such as stylists, repair people and pay on receipt transactions.

The mobility of these means that they can be shared across a store as well as travelling a country. Usually made from strong and hard plastic, mobile card readers are also tough enough to withstand any travelling bumps that they might endure while in transit or when being passed around multiple users. 

Payments can be made via a wireless card reader when there is a large queue for example, where waiting for a POS transaction might not be available for some time, such as with Christmas sales when customers will appreciate the quick and easy transactions or after grooming someone’s dog in their home.

Latest Technology

Although they are tiny in comparison to fixed POS readers, mobile card readers come equipped with the same functions and technology, and sometimes more. While EMV transactions are the most commonly used in most businesses, NFC transactions using contactless EMV, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal are also usually available with mobile card readers.

Many mobile card readers come in varying models with some acting as an all-in-one mobile POS complete with receipt printers and a built-in operating system very similar to a smartphone device so most people will have no trouble using them.

Some manufacturers also incorporate Bluetooth technology into their mobile card reader systems that allow for traditional transactions to be completed directly through the use of a smartphone system. These even smaller devices have no interface but rather connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and are operated with a custom app.

As Easy as Using a Phone

Most mobile card reader models are designed around the Android operating system but some use a Microsoft Windows variant and as such their interface is very familiar to anyone who is used to operating a smartphone, tablet or PC. 

The functionality and portability of such devices means that mobile POS in retail locations such as department stores has exploded and they are already very popular in busy establishments such as fast food outlets and coffee shops.

Many manufacturers utilize their own payment systems included with the apps that come loaded in the devices which facilitate all the transactions through your payment system. However, these aren’t usually free and some will charge a small fee for managing payments.



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