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Those who have their new homes love to decorate them and those who have older homes love to upgrade them. Home improvements are exciting to make, especially when you get to be in charge of what you are doing. While you may have chosen a modern, newly built house to grow your family in, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want the house to be as new as possible. For most people, a home doesn’t feel cozy and homely until they add a little vintage to it.

Vintage looks don’t just apply to fashion, not when you can dress your whole home in vintage ideas. You can learn how to add age to a modern looking home with the tips that we have below. This year it’s time to invite something old into your something new. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the tips you need to get your new home looking a little older.

  • Look At Your Floor Plan. What is the layout of your home like? If you’re only in the process now of building your new home, try to think about mismatching your window styles and making your floorboards oppose each other. The idea is that the home has a rather haphazard effect, looking as if it’s not been completed at the same time. This instantly ages a home, but not in a bad way.
  • Add A Porch. A huge wraparound porch is the dream for some, and when you add an enclosed porch and porch swing, you have the effect of being straight on the vintage train. There’s something so old about a porch built onto a house, and it’s going to get people talking right away.
  • Get Your Wood On. So many people misunderstand how to use wood when they are aging a modern looking home. Stay away from drywall and use real wood in the home instead. This will help you to bring warmth and character to your house while making it look authentic and older. Wood gets you that instant impact you’re looking for, and even if you only have the budget for real wood floors, you’re going to be able to embrace a vintage look.
  • Salvage Where You Can. So many people use salvaged materials to decorate their homes, and you can create that vintage look with wood that still has oil stains, original beam work with the nail holes still there and more. A vintage look can come from vintage materials and fabrics, too.
  • Choose Natural Colours. When you decorate your modern home to look older, you want to choose natural colours and earthy tones to enhance the look you’re going for. Colours should blend together rather than overshadow the house, also choose paint that looks as natural as you can find. Think greens, greys and browns!

You can have a vintage home in moments with a little shopping and a lot of imagination. Take these tips and roll with them for your new home decor.


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