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best instagram spots locations Amsterdam

Looking for the best Instagram spots and locations in the wonderful city of Amsterdam? I’ve done all the research so you don’t have to! From pretty canals, to Instagrammable cafes and floating flower markets, you’ll be spoilt for choice of incredible locations to visit…

The Best Instagram Spots & Locations in Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Research Library 

The Rijksmuseum was firmly on my list of ‘things to do’ in Amsterdam, and it just so happened to be home to this incredible research library which makes for a great photo! It took a little perseverance though, I must say. You can access the research library from the ground floor, but this is actively used by students/professors (I imagine) and no photos are allowed on this level. You have to go up to the second floor if you’d like to grab a snap. Fortunately it was pretty empty when we got there so I managed to bag an Instagram photo right before a big tour group joined us.

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

The Amsterdam botanical gardens were a location/attraction I was planning on visited regardless of an Instagram worthy shot. You might know, I love my indoor plants and it was the perfect place to wander around on a rainy morning. We had a great hour or so mooching around all of the wonderful exotic plants. There’s so many photo opportunities here, but the bridge was definitely my favourite! Fun fact: the botanic garden was originally founded in 1638 to serve as a herb garden for the city’s doctors and pharmacists!


Damrak is the main street where people arriving from the train station will enter onto. To be honest, it totally bypassed me when we departed our Eurostar and headed to our hotel. I think I was just focussed on dodging all of the crowds. We headed back there during our stay as it was on my list of places to visit as this is where you’ll find the infamous shot of the Amsterdam houses on the canal. Although it does look great, I definitely found the 9 streets much more picturesque. I think Damrak is a little chaotic due to the location with the train station and general chaos. Still makes for a good Instagram photo though…

Pluk Amsterdam 

You’ve no doubt already come across Pluk on your Instagram feeds, but if not, it’s a small but super cute cafe come concept store in the 9 streets area. Enjoy vegan pancakes, beautiful homeware and a shabby chic style interior. A word of warning, Pluk gets very busy and there are only about 10 tables so be sure to avoid peak times i.e. mid morning on a weekend! We went early doors during the week and managed to get a table straight away.

The 9 Streets

Our hotel (The Hoxton) was located in the 9 streets or ‘9 Straatjes’, which turned out to be one of my favourite places in the city. These picturesque streets connect the canals and are home to lots of wonderful boutiques, cafes and vintage stores. There are plenty of opportunities for Instagram snaps and wandering around the canals never got boring for me! Did I colour coordinate my hat with the buildings? Maybe.


I can’t quite remember how we ended up in Spiegelgracht but this area was really pretty and home to not only a number of quirky buildings, but a vegan cheese shop! Unfortunately, it was closed (wahh) but I have a return trip booked for later in the year, so hopefully I can get my paws on some delicious vegan cheese then. I loved this building in particular, that door is amazing!



I didn’t manage to post a snap on my own Instagram from the famous Amsterdam floating flower market, but I’ve seen loads of great photos from other people! I did wander by, but it had just started to rain and quite frankly I was running for shelter and not towards tulips. It’s pretty central, so you’re likely to stumble upon it by accident like I did. Next time, I’m saving some space in my tote bag for a bouquet of beautiful peonies.

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There are tonnes of amazing places in Amsterdam to enjoy and grab a few photos for the gram! It’s a truly wonderful city and definitely somewhere I will return to – in fact, as soon as I got home I booked another Eurostar for later in the year. Why not check out my guide to delicious vegan food in Amsterdam?

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