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gifts for travellers

Gifts for travellers are up there with the hardest pressies to buy, what do you buy for someone who is more interested in travels than material possessions? I know it’s something my family struggle with every year when Christmas and birthdays roll around, because truth be told, there’s never anything I really ‘want’ other than a flight or weekend in a log cabin. Of course, they’re pretty expensive gifts and definitely not an everyday occurrence, so, where do you start?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a travel obsessed friend, I’ve got you covered! Check out these top 10 best gifts for travellers that are sure to put a smile on their faces…

A Cute Passport Cover

Think practicality when it comes to buying gifts for travellers, what will they actually be able to use? A passport cover is a great gift that doesn’t break the bank but will keep that precious document nicely intact and protected from any damage. For an extra-personal touch, why not look into an option you can personalise with initials? Passport and luggage tag sets are also a great idea!

I love this passport cover set from Etsy!


gifts for travel lovers

A Re-usable Water Bottle

It’s more important now than ever to take steps towards an eco-friendlier lifestyle. Ditching single-use plastics where possible, saying no to straws, adopting a plant-based diet and minimising on excess consumption. A re-usable is a great, practical gift for you travelling friend or family member.

Got a travel loving friend that’s also a FRIENDS fan? Could this water bottle BE anymore perfect for them?


friends water bottle

A Beautiful Piece of Jewellery

If you want to give a meaningful gift, why not consider a piece of jewellery? Logistically, not a problem as your travelling friend or family member can easily wear a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings on-the-go. My go-to brand for vintage-inspired necklaces is Daisy London. Their recent collaboration with Estee Lalonde is simply gorgeous, with dainty styles that any female traveller is sure to love. For beach bums, this stunning starfish fossil necklace is sure to be a winner.

Shop Daisy London jewellery here 


daisy jewellery

A Wash Bag

An essential for travel lovers! Allow them to keep all of their essentials in one place with a handy little pouch. A great gift for those who are constantly losing things (cough, definitely me) and want to up their organisation when on the road. Use this to store your makeup, or your essential documents and passport. A much tidier way of travelling and it saves you having to practically empty your backpack every time you need to find something…

Shop the pouch here 

holiday pouch gifts for travel lovers

Reusable Cotton pads

Heading back to the sustainability side of things, reusable cotton pads are a great gift for those who are looking to up their eco game and say goodbye to face wipes. Reusable cotton pads are a game-changer. Not only are they better for the planet, but they’ll save you money in the long-run from having to repurchase every 2 minutes. You can find lots of wonderful designs online, I love these sustainable crochet pads, how cool!? I imagine they also work well as an exfoliator – but you can pick it softer cotton pads like these.

Shop the crochet face-pads here

crochet face pads

A Travel Pin Board

Whilst having a little browse on Etsy, I came across this cute fabric travel-inspired pin board! I love that it’s handmade, and comes with little wooden pegs where you can hang your memories too. The lucky recipient can pin all of their photos, train tickets, plane tickets and other keepsakes as a reminder of all their wonderful travels. What a wonderful gift…

Shop the pin board here 

gifts for travellers

A Map Of Their Favourite Place

Why not gift your friend with a wonderful travel print of their favourite destination? It’s a lovely reminder, and something they can treasure forever too! This might not be the most ideal present if they’re a full-time wanderer, but for travellers who also rent or own a base, this is a really thoughtful gift.

Shop the print here 


travel print


A Travel Planner/Journal

This faux leather travel planner and journal is perfect for travellers planning their great escape! Designed for first-time travellers and gap-year takers, they can use the planner to document flights, travel insurance details, vaccination details and even plan savings. The planner also features top tips and advice on visas, packing, budgeting and more!

Shop the planner here 


gap year planner

A Sturdy Backpack

Every traveller needs a sturdy backpack, no matter how long the trip is for. Something that’s created to last and designed with comfort in mind. The last thing you want is sore shoulders and a bad back. This unisex backpack features a travel-first design including a small and compact roll top compartment for easy access. The front zipper organiser section and padded back panel and shoulder straps make this simply perfect for travelling souls.

Shop the backpack here 


travel backpack

A Universal Travel Plug

Ok, hear me out. Sure, it’s not the most exciting present but I could not survive without one of these when I travel! They’re a great invention and absolute must-have when you frequently travel to different countries. Ensure your devices remained charged in over 150 countries with ONE simple plug. It’s a real life changer.

Shop the universal plug here 


universal plug


  • January 13, 2020

    These are such great ideas, especially the universal travel plug and a clear reusable water bottle to fill in the airport!


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