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5 Must-See Vistas To See Before You Die

If you are a travel nut and love nothing more than hot footing it across the globe to try and cram in as many new experiences, new cultures and new cuisines into your life, then you need to read on to discover the most beautiful vistas in the world. In the twenty first century, our lives have become more stressed and busy than ever. We need time and space to take a step back, reassess the important things in life and partake in a spot of mindfulness. The easiest way to combine your need for a little bit of r and r alongside your need to scratch that wanderlust itch is to explore the most wonderful relaxing vistas of the world.

Miyajima, Japan

If you love coastal seascapes and you want to take in the most glorious sunset on the planet, then you should be heading to Miyajima. This wonderful island just off the coast of mainland Japan is authentic and quiet. The beaches are sparse and there is an incredible floating Torii gate creating a relaxing and stress free ambience. The sun setting behind this structure gives the perfect silhouette as a backdrop to your ultimate mindfulness inducing vista.

Northern Lights, Iceland

Ok, so not strictly a landscape vista, but the view of the Aurora Borealis when it is at full display is one of the most magnificent marvels to behold. This intergalactic laser show is like nothing else seen on Earth. If you fancy going Northern Lights hunting, then you should take a jaunt to Iceland. Stay in Reykjavik and enjoy an Icelandic warm welcome. Sample the skyr and pickled herring, and enjoy a city break combined with a snow laden pursuit of a wonderful vista.

Perth, Australia

Rottnest Island is full of paradise like vistas, with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters making up an azure ocean. With fewer tourists than the city, Rottnest Island is a great spot to unwind and enjoy the picturesque coastal vistas. The cool attractions in Perth aren’t all mini breweries and Fremantle hotspots. The more sedate outdoorsy places in Perth are great for relaxation and mindfulness.

Beijing, China

Head to the iconic Forbidden City and you will see the most incredible mix of old and new as you gaze at the rooftops across the vista of the city. Beijing is a financial haven, a cosmopolitan forward thinking city, and the centre of Confucian thought from centuries ago. This creates the most spectacular backdrop of red lined temples, ornate shrines and wonderful sculptural and modern skyscrapers. Climb the steps and walk the walls of the Forbidden City within Beijing and you can’t fail to be in awe of the behemoth of a city in front of you.

Snowdonia, Wales

If you’ve never scaled a mountain, but you don’t fancy the physical challenge of a Kilimanjaro, then head to Wales. Mount Snowdon is the largest mountain in the country and scaling the summit can be done by anyone with a reasonable level of physical fitness. From the summit, you can see across the Welsh mountain range on a clear day. Have a coffee and some Welsh rarebit at the summit cafe before taking the mountain train back down.

Your health is your most important commodity. Don’t risk burnout, and instead, hot foot it to take in a vista or two to relax and unwind.


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