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There’re a few things in life that are certain, and one of them is that you’ll never find me in any form of outfit other than what I call ‘lounge luxe’ for the airport. Jeans, heels and any form of fitted top are my big travel no-goes. How is flying in jeans ever comfortable? Spoiler alert: it’s not. I need a little extra space for my in-flight meal and the flexibility to bend into a number of questionable positions to find comfort. This usually ends up with my legs across Charlie and him getting annoyed but what can I say? Needs must.

One of my pals asked me the other day “what do you usually fly in for long haul flights?” and lucky for her I had just the answer and I’m sharing it with you guys too, because, as you can see I am very passionate about plane comfort.


Don’t wear heels

This isn’t just my style preference, although admittedly you’d do well to catch me in a pair of heels, it’s also a safety precaution. You’ve all seen the signs and the cautions on the plane, heels are a no-go. Plus, do you know how hard it is to dash through security in a pair of stilettos? No thank you! I tend to go for either trainers or sliders (I always get beeped at and end up having to take my shoes off) and carry a pair of socks in my bag for the flight.


Do wear a scarf

If you’re embarking on a long journey, a scarf is an ideal little number to turn from neck warmer to blanket in a matter of seconds. If, like me, you find yourself getting a little chilly on the plane then this is a must-have accessory that kills to birds with one stone.

what to wear on a long haul flight

Do wear a tracksuit

There’s a time and a place for a tracksuit, and that place is most definitely the airport. I don’t make wearing tracksuits too much of a habit in my day-to-day life but there’s nothing comfier than a pair of grey joggers and a hoody for a long-haul flight. A little tip, men’s tracksuits are so much comfier, I’ve learnt this trick through stealing (I mean, borrowing) Charlie’s trackie bottoms Head here for cheap men’s tracksuits for the airport.


Don’t wear pyjamas

There’s a fine line between sweats and actual pyjamas. Don’t cross it.


Do pack a pair of compression socks

When I’m flying further afield, for example, to America, I always pack my pair of compression socks. Poor circulation due to long stretches of time sitting down can lead to quite serious medical issues such as deep vein thrombosis. Compression socks (available in Boots for under a tenner) will help to combat the problem.


Do wear clothing you can layer

Could I BE wearing anymore clothes? If you’re finding it tricky to pack all of your desired garments into your suitcase, then you could get crafty with your plane outfit. It’s better to have too many clothes than too few, so wear light layers such as cotton t shirts and cardigans that you can peel off if you get too hot.


Don’t take an open bag

Your carry-on bag needs to ideally zip-up in order to avoid any items spilling out or getting pinched. Unfortunately, it does happen and if you’re planning on using your bag when you’re out and about on holiday then it’s best to go for a style that will keep all of your belongings safe.


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  • September 23, 2019

    These are incredible tips – I’ve never thought of taking a scarf before but what a good idea!
    I’ll definitely be purchasing a tracksuit before my next long haul flight, there’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a flight! x

  • Christine Ingemorsen

    September 27, 2019

    I like this article and it holds true for my travel on long haul flights which I seem to take every year and sometimes more than once. In addition to the clothing items, the earplugs, eyeshades, hand wipes and noise cancelling headphones for those screaming babies, are musts in my carry on backpack. Happy travels.


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