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One of the greatest gifts in life is friendship. Having a real connection and understanding with another human being, people that can build you up when you’re down, celebrate with you when things are going well and are always there to support you and walk by your side throughout your trials and tribulations. We all know how special our friends are, but often, life gets in the way and we don’t get to show it to them as much as we’d like. If you have a friend thats going through a tough time or you just want to make them feel special- here are a few ways to go about it!


Throw them a party

Everyone loves a good party, and a party is a great way to get everyone together and make the person whose party it is feel really valued and special. Book a venue and get everyone together, hire a company like  to sort some cool music and put out a buffet. Whether it’s to celebrate their birthday, passing their exams or driving test or ‘just because’ it’s a lovely way to show that you care.


Spend a day together

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is your time. Just about all of us would admit to not seeing our loved ones as much as we’d like, so schedule a day for just the two of you. You could go out and relax on the beach, sip cocktails in bars or eat an elegant afternoon tea. You could go on a walk, or just stay at home and have a movie day. It’s a chance to catch up and reconnect and gain the closeness back that can sometimes be lost when we’re working all the time and not in close contact with the ones we care about.


Bring them flowers

Psychologists have shown that plants and flowers make us as humans happy. And so if you want to cheer someone up, what better way than with a gorgeous bouquet? You could spend a little more and go to a florist, or if you’re on a budget check out local supermarkets as they often have pretty bunches that are only a few pounds each. Give them as they are or along with a card and some chocolates- it’s thoughtful and always nice to receive!


Create something unique for them

If you want to give a gift but nothing on the shelves seems quite right, why not consider making something yourself? It could be anything from baking a cake to knitting a scarf to assembling a hamper filled with little treats that you’ve found from different places. It’s often cheaper than buying from a shop so great if you’re on a budget, but is also really personal and shows the time and effort you’ve put into it. If you have a skill, talent or hobby you enjoy, consider using this to your advantage and creating something special!


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