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ways to make money from social media

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The power of social media is a wonderful thing, even if it does have its downsides. You can use it to connect with people from around the world and keep up with friends and family easily. But it’s so much more than that and a lot of people are using social media to start their own businesses. There are so many people that are making a full-time living running Instagram accounts and it’s not always as hard as you might think. There is a general perception that these people have rich parents to fund them or that they just got lucky, but that’s not usually the case. If you put the hard work in and build a good following, anybody can start their own business on social media. If you like the idea of being your own boss and earning a living from social media, here are some great ideas to help you get started.

Beauty Tips

Some of the most successful social media accounts are beauty and cosmetic based. People love to follow them because you’ll get loads of great product recommendations and tutorials on things like skincare and makeup techniques. When you build a big enough following and you become an influencer, you can start making good money endorsing products for companies. They’ll pay you to post about their products and create video demonstrations of you using them. But before you get to that point, you need to start building a following. The tutorials are the best place to start if you want to create a beauty page on social media. Start filming short videos of your daily skin routine and offering any great tips. Explain the products that you’re using and why you prefer them over other things. You can also do makeup tutorials, just be aware that there are a lot of pages out there already so you’ll have to do something pretty special to get noticed.

As well as sponsored posts, you could also look at making money from your own beauty range. When you build a big following, you’ll have the trust of all of those people and so if you start selling your own products, you’ll already have a market there. This is something that you should only start looking at when you’ve built a large fanbase. To start with, you should focus on sharing beauty tips and tricks and finding sponsored posts.


Everybody wants to stay in shape, but it’s often easier said than done. Motivation is a big problem and some people just don’t really know what they’re doing when they go to the gym. The gym can be a bit daunting for people that have just started working out and they want to be sure that they’re not doing exercises wrong and injuring themselves. That’s why people are always interested in looking at fitness blogs. They offer great motivational posts and make you feel like you’re part of a community, which makes it a lot easier to stick to your workout routine. They’re also great for picking up tips and tricks on exercise routines and nutrition. If you’re already a fitness fanatic, why not start documenting it on social media and see if you can make some money out of it? The first place to start is the gym, make some videos of your workout routine and post them. You should also post pictures of your meals and include recipes for people that are struggling with their nutrition.

There are a few things you should do if you want to build your following quickly. The first thing to do is use the right fitness Instagram hashtags on your posts. Check out some other fitness pages on social media and see what hashtags they’re using. By using the same tags on your posts, you can be sure that you’re reaching the right people and you’ll get more followers. It’s also important that you have a niche and you’re not just posting about fitness in general. For example, do you want to focus on rapid weight loss, muscle building, yoga or home workouts. Decide what your corner of the market is going to be and focus on that. If you’re offering something that not many people are, you’ll find that you build a following much quicker.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a great tool that most businesses invest a lot of money in. A lot of people think that it’s just a case of making a few posts on social media but it’s actually a lot more complicated than that. That’s why there is high demand for digital marketing experts right now. If you have experience in this field, you could apply for a job as a digital marketer working for a company, but you could also start your own digital marketing business and advertise yourself on social media.

To start with, you should focus on small startups and offer them reduced rates. You’re helping them out because they don’t have the money to pay for a big digital marketing agency and they’re helping you out because you can start to build a bit of a portfolio. Once you’ve got a few jobs under your belt, you can start looking at the bigger clients.

Making Cakes

Baking is a popular hobby but the best that most people expect to get out of it is a delicious cake. If you’re a particularly keen baker then you might decide to go and work for a bakery or even open up your own. But now, there’s another way to make money from your love of baking. Baking accounts on social media have become so popular recently and there are thousands of videos online of people creating amazing cakes. A lot of them are run by people that have a business selling cakes because it’s such a great way to advertise yourself. If you think that your cakes are good enough to sell, you should start filming the baking process and posting photos online. You can also create tutorial videos for people that want to recreate your cakes at home. If you get enough interest, you’ll start getting requests to make cakes that you can sell.

The only problem with this idea is that there is already a lot of people out there doing it and they might have more experience than you. If you’re serious about making cakes and selling them, you should make some free ones for friends and family if they’re holding parties. That way, you’re getting free advertising because their guests will see your work and it gives you a bit more experience as well.

As a general rule, personality is key when you’re trying to start a business on social media. You’re not going to be the first person to start any of these types of accounts, there will already be a lot of people doing similar things and they’ll already have a lot more followers. The thing that really sets you apart from other people is your personality and that’s why people will choose to follow your account over others, so let it shine through in your posts. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is going to be easy either. People think that social media influencers just post a few things and all of a sudden they’re making a living, but it doesn’t work like that, you need to put a lot of work in. If you’re prepared to do that, you could start your own social media business as well.


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