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can you do ibiza on a budget

You may have noticed from my blue and sand washed Instagram feed that Charlie and I recently spent a long weekend in Ibiza. It was a much-needed break and we both wanted to spend a few days chilling out in the sunshine. So you might wonder why we chose the island synonymous with partying. Whilst Ibiza is known for the party lifestyle, there’s a lot more to the island than Pacha and Ushuaia. I also wanted to go somewhere that wasn’t going to break the bank, we’ve got a lot going on at the moment and our house renovation is draining a lot of funds. More on that in another blog post though!

Surprisingly, Ibiza wasn’t as expensive as I thought it might be. I would recommend using a site such as Holiday Gems to scour the best flight deals for you, we managed to bag return flights for less than £100! Sure, they were with Ryanair but the flight was so quick it really didn’t matter. I would recommend upgrading to Priority though, this way you’re guaranteed to take your hand luggage onto the aircraft. Having a quick scan just now, Holiday Gems is bringing up £53 flights with Thomson for September, am I tempted? Hide my credit card right this second.

We also managed to score a great deal with our hotel too! As we’d booked this trip quite last minute, our hotel was a little cheaper than the usual rates. Although it’s risky, you can get some amazing deals for booking holidays to Spain a few weeks before heading off. Our flights and hotel came to around £400 each for 4 days which was pretty great considering the hotel was 5 star and absolutely gorgeous.

I’d expected to spend more money whilst in Ibiza than I actually did, because we weren’t heading to any super clubs we weren’t dishing out 50 euros on tickets. Charlie told me that in one of the clubs it’s about 15 euros for a bottle of water. I would actually cry if I had to spend that! Being vegan, my food options tend be a little cheaper anyway and we found some great restaurants that catered for plant-based diets and they weren’t expensive either. There’s also lots to do in Ibiza that won’t drain your funds, there are plenty of beautiful beaches to explore and I’d definitely recommend a visit to the Hippy Market. It’s free to enter and a great way to spend an afternoon, meandering around the various stalls checking out local artists work. I picked up some recycled cotton tops for 3 euros each, bargain.

If you’re planning on getting out and about in Ibiza I’d definitely suggest hiring a car. Taxis are expensive on the island and you can expect to pay 20 euros for a 2 mile trip. One night we got a taxi back to our hotel after heading to Amante for dinner, it went up by a couple of euros every 10 seconds! A little Fiat 500 won’t cost you too much, and it will give you freedom to nip around the island and explore new areas and the more secluded beaches.

Santa Eulalia was a pleasant mix of couples and some families too, it didn’t feel ‘Brits abroad’ at all and had a lovely authentic feel about it. Nearby Talamanca is probably more geared up towards families, if you’re looking for more child friendly activities. We went there one evening en route to a secluded beach restaurant and there were a lot more parents and children in this area and a play park on the beach.

So can you do Ibiza on a budget? Yes, absolutely. If you’re looking for a relaxing destination then I couldn’t recommend Santa Eulalia more. Whether you’re a couple, lone traveller or family, Ibiza has something for everyone.


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