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I am quite often asked about my hair when out and about, how I manage to achieve the grey tones and also how it stays in a relatively good condition! I’m no stranger to bleach, my hair is naturally mousey brown and I’ve been dyeing it for around ten years now. We all know colour and heat isn’t great to our hair, so I’ve always ensured I use protective products to maintain the health and thickness of my mane. I’m lucky to have quite a lot of hair but as I also use straighteners 3/4 times a week, it can take it’s toll and my poor hair has a lot to battle with!

If you’ve followed my blog and social channels for a while you’ll already know that I’m a big fan of Paul Mitchell. When I first went cruelty free with all my cosmetics around 2 years ago it was one of the first premium haircare brands I came across that were cruelty free and proud, and I’ve been using Paul Mitchell products ever since. The good news is, Paul Mitchel is largely vegan¬†friendly too yay. You can check the website for a full list of their vegan products.

Over the past month I’ve had the pleasure of testing out the new Neuro Liquid range, formulated to help you take back control of your hair!

These performance engineered products are built to withstand heat and protect your hair each and every time you style, they’re also 100% vegan – yay! Preventing thermal damage by up to 86%, these are certainly the products for you, if like me, you style your hair either with curling tongs or straighteners. Here is the routine I’ve been using:

Paul Mitchell Neuro 10

Paul Mitchell Neuro 2
Paul Mitchell Neuro 8

Step 1 – Clean & Condition

My shampoo and conditioning routine is a combination of a regular shampoo and conditioner and a silver shampoo. I use my silver shampoo every other wash, and for in-between I’ve been using the Neuro range. I’ve noticed since using these my hair feels a lot cleaner and deeply cleansed. My colour buildup isn’t as bad and the conditioner leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft, as well as working to protect from heat.

Step 2 – Repair

Because my hair is regularly exposed to styling tools, it’s important I use an effective Repair treatment to help retain moisture and not leave me looking like a scarecrow, it’s happened before and I won’t let it happen again! When I slack with my haircare it really shows, and this repair serum is a godsend. I usually comb through my towel dried hair and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing if I’m in a hurry or around 15 if I have the extra time. I try and make sure I do this treatment at least once a week just to ensure my hair isn’t dehydrated.

Step 3 – Protect

This lightweight spray is best used on dry hair, once I’ve blasted mine with the dryer I give an allover spritz of this Protect treatment before I use my straighteners. Oh and an extra bonus – this spray works very well in humidity so be sure to pack one in your suitcase if you suffer with Monica style hair on hols.

Paul Mitchell Neuro 1

paul mitchell neuro range edit
Paul Mitchell Neuro 5
Paul Mitchell Neuro 9
Paul Mitchell Neuro 3

Step 4 – Style

It’s not often you’ll spy me with wavy natural hair, unless I’m on holiday! My signature look is a very blunt, straight lob. I always feel more confident when my hair has been straightened, don’t ask me why, I just do! I’ve switched to using the Neuro Smooth iron and wow what a difference. My hair feels sleeker and healthier, it also pulls a lot less than my previous irons and I’ve noticed an immediate difference to the end result. They’re also built with dual voltage for worldwide use which is very handy.

Step 5 – Finish

The final step in my routine is another quick spritz of the Protect spray followed by a few sprays of the Finish treatment to maintain the sleekness of my finished look and combat any frizz. It also works to reduce to rate of heat transfer from roots to end when using styling tools, protecting your hair right until the very end.

I was already a big fan of the Paul Mitchell brand, but the Neuro range really has impressed me and I wholeheartedly recommend this range for any other gals and guys who regularly use heated tools on their hair and suffer because of this! My hair hasn’t felt this healthy in a long time, and when your boyfriend even notices your hair is looking good, you know something is working!

Find out more about how the Paul Mitchell brand is working to support our environment, and their commitment to our furry friends here.

*This post is in collaboration with Paul Mitchell but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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