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Happy Mothers Day to every single brilliant mum out there, whether that be to humans, dogs, rabbits, or hamsters because fur babies count to ya know! And of course, to my own mum who I couldn’t live without. My best friend, photographer, personal assistant (lol), and shoulder to cry on. I am so grateful to have a mum as amazing as mine.

To give my mum the thanks she deserves, I’ve teamed up with BRITA to put on a fabulous vegan afternoon tea because what could be better than time spent laughing over sweet treats and a good cuppa? 

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mothers day afternoon tea 5
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We’ve been through some tough times, but whatever happens we always have each other to lean on and I know that whatever the problem, my mum is always there for me.

My blog probably wouldn’t even exist without the support of my mum. I mean, who else would stand in the snow to try and get a good shot of my outfit? Or dash out to buy emergency props for a blog post? Sorry if I’ve been a diva (several moments come to mind…) over the years but hopefully you can forgive me. <3

mothers afternoon tea 4

Now the mushy stuff is out the way, let’s talk FOOD. Both my mum and I are vegan and I was delighted with the challenge of putting together a plant based afternoon tea for us to enjoy. I mean, chocolate is technically a plant…right?! We feasted on rocky road (hit up the Tesco free from section for this), hot cross buns (co-op own are vegan) and of course classic triangle sandwiches with vegan cheese. Now I just need to master making vegan scones and I’m there! If you have a recipe, hit me up because let’s just say I’m not the *best* baker and need very clear instructions haha.

The BRITA Purity Filter Kettle was kindly supplied by the lovely folk at BRITA and I can’t tell you how delighted my mum is with it!

We’ve never really drunk water straight from the tap and usually use a standard BRITA jug, so the upgrade to a kettle caused mucho excitement. It cleans your water, and reduces metals such as lead and copper which could sneak into your water due to plumbing! The reduction in impurities makes the water taste so much better and it also helps to reduce limescale which is another bonus because limescale FREAKS me out.

**Buy the kettle from Argos here for just £25.99**

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brita water kettle
mothers day afternoon tea 2

Thank you so much to BRITA for bringing my mum and I together for a delicious afternoon tea and of course to my mum for being the best! x

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