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Looking for vegan food in Stockholm? Whenever I visit a new city, I’m always thinking in the back of my head *please let there be good vegan options*. As my partner isn’t vegan (although he is veggie most of the time – we’re getting there) I always feel a small amount of guilt for having us traipse up to two miles just to find a decent vegan spot. He prefers to just stumble across a restaurant, as do I, but when you’re on a no meat, no dairy, no eggs diet it can be a little trickier so I always make sure I’m prepared!

I’ll do a Google search and have a read up on other blogs for great vegan suggestions, Facebook groups can also be a great shout and I if you haven’t already then download the Happy Cow app. It’s a complete lifesaver, and totally saved me whilst in America over summer. It shows you all of the nearest vegan and vegetarian establishments as well as user reviews and photos. I actually don’t know how I would travel without it these days.

I was pleasantly surprised with all of the fantastic vegan options available in Stockholm! I even found a vegan bakery with CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS. I hadn’t had a proper, flaky, chocolate croissant in so long it was actually heavenly. Unfortunately we didn’t get around to visiting everywhere I wanted to but the places we did stop by were all really great! Hopefully these suggestions will help you out if you’re vegan/veggie and heading to Stockholm any time soon…

Where to Eat Vegan in Stockholm

Sattva Naturbageriet  (All Vegan)

The bakery of a herbivores dreams! I was buzzed to find this little gem in the Gamla Stan area of the city. I’ve classed it as vegan but actually one option was not vegan friendly however this is clearly marked. All of the pastries are made with purely plant based ingredients and taste delicious! I sampled three different options (had to make the most of it after all) and in my opinion, they were worth booking return flights to Stockholm for next year. An absolute must-visit for all vegans, you won’t regret it!

Herman’s Vegan Buffet (All Vegan)

I’d heard about Herman’s previously so it was already firmly on my list of places to eat, and wow am I glad we paid a visit! It was slightly out of the way for us, although the 25 minute walk from our hotel was so so worth it as this all vegan buffet is absolutely amazing! It’s no wonder almost every seat was full, the views over the water are incredible, as is the food. We were treated to a range of plant based goodness from lasagne to pastries, salads and soups. There was tonnes of choice and after you pay your money (about £19 a plate) you can re-visit as many times as you like. The cakes also looked divine but I was too full up to even contemplate one. Definitely one of the best places to eat vegan in Stockholm.

Hermitage (Vegan Options)

On our first day we were tired and a little delirious from our super early wakeup call. We just happened to come across a vegetarian restaurant in the old town which to be honest, I wasn’t expecting. It’s a small buffet with a limited amount of choice however this didn’t bother us as we were starving and just needed fuel! The food itself was lovely, and I enjoyed a healthy, hearty late lunch. Only one or two options weren’t vegan due to dairy however the staff were happy to point out what I was able to eat. It was also quite cheap at around £14 each, not including drinks. If you’re in need of affordable and wholesome vegan food in Stockholm, I’d recommend it.

Greasy Spoon Cafe (Vegan Options)

I know what you’re thinking, not exactly the most vegan sounding place is it? However Greasy Spoon is anything but your typical English Greasy Spoon cafe! Enjoy all-day breakfast and brunch at this modern and stylish spot based in the Sodermalm area. Again, it was a little out of the way from our base but a brisk morning stroll in the winter sun was just lovely, and I knew there was going to be pancakes involved so I wasn’t going to pass up! The menu isn’t vegan, however there is a good amount of both veggie and vegan options. I was SO torn between the vegan breakfast or a stack of buckwheat pancakes. It was honestly like Sophie’s choice. In the end I stuck with my hearts desire and opted for the pancakes, not going to lie I could have eaten double the amount.

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I feel like even just in the past year the options out there for us vegans have exploded, it’s becoming easier and easier to live a plant based diet and still enjoy your travels without having to be lumped with a salad. Yes I’m vegan but do I want a salad for dinner? Hell no! Give me a burger please and I’ll be happy…

Which is the best city for great vegan food that you’ve visited so far? I’d love to hear. Check out more of my vegan travel guides here.

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