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Ok slightly dramatic post title here, and thankfully not drug related. Today I’m talking about my big addiction…to my mobile phone. Yes, I hold my hands up, I am 100% addicted to scrolling on my phone. 

*checks Twitter*

*heads back onto Instagram*

*quick check on Facebook even though I don’t give a sh*t about 98% of the people on there*

Last week I spied a tweet from Marina Diamandis talking about a new app she had downloaded called ‘Moment’ which tracks how long you spend on your phone. It’s no surprise to me that I spend too much time on my phone, judging by the amount disapproving looks my boyfriend throws my way in an evening. So I downloaded the app, then I sort of forgot about it because obviously I was too busy mindlessly scrolling Instagram and Twitter. What am I even looking for? I am scrolling purely out of habit and little else 90% of the time.

Then one recent Sunday night Charlie and I were chilling (I was “watching” the film) and yet again I’d found myself down the social media rabbit hole and didn’t even realise what I was doing until Charlie exclaimed ‘you are actually in a relationship with your phone’ guilty as charged. 

So I logged onto Moment and had a peek at my social media time. FIVE HOURS AND NINETEEN MINUTES SPENT ON MY PHONE IN ONE DAY. 70 PHONE PICKS UPS. Oh my goddd. If someone had asked me I would probably had guessed around an hour maybe an hour and a half but over five hours? Good god what the hell am I doing with my life? This is not healthy, not physically for my poor eyeballs or mentally. No one needs to spend 20% of their day looking at a mobile phone screen. I am an iPhone zombie. 

So I’ve made a change. I check my app daily (but not too often as that would defeat the point y’know) and limit myself to no longer than 60 minutes on my phone every day and you know what? It’s great. I’m so much more conscious of my time, and my evenings are SO much more productive now that I put my phone aside. Sure I might be on my laptop but I’m either doing a little admin or invoicing rather than leaving it all to the weekend and spending the whole night on my phone.

My eyes also ache less which is a bonus. 

If like me you’re a serial phone scroller then I’d highly recommend downloading this app although be prepared for a shock…

That’s all from me, I’m off to read a BOOK. Yes a real hard copy actual book.

How about you? Do you think you spend too much time on your phone? Do you think it’s unhealthy? 

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