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By now you’ll probably be aware of the fact that I’m vegan. You can read more about why I went vegan in a previous blog post, and it’s something I tend to talk about over on Twitter but not so much on my blog. I drop it in here and there, where applicable, but its been a while since I put together a vegan based post, so I’m excited for this!

For me, going vegan was the easiest choice I have ever made. I’ve been vegetarian since the age of 8 and to be honest I wish I’d known more about the horrors of the dairy industry but you live and learn. I’ve been vegan for over a year now and it’s actually SO easy these days. There are vegan replacements so readily available at the likes of Tescos, Morrisons, Sainsburys & Ocado and veganism is becoming so incredibly popular that restaurants such as Zizzi, Ask Italian and Las Iguanas have their own separate vegan menus. You can even pick up a pizza with vegan cheese in Pizza Express!

When I first went vegan I hadn’t done all that much research so I was stood in Tesco one day after work looking at the shelves thinking, what the f*ck do I eat? Oh how times have changed! It’s so easy to knock together a delicious vegan meal, but there are also plenty of convenience foods to make life a little easier if you’ve had a super long day or just don’t fancy cooking.

Amy’s Kitchen have recently celebrated their 30th year in business, selling delicious cooked-from-scratch vegetarian and vegan friendly meals. How amazing is that? To celebrate they kindly sent me over an Ocado order full of their popular vegan meals, soups and snacks. I couldn’t wait to try their Manhattan burgers after hearing great review from vegan friends!

I can confirm the burgers are freakin’ AMAZING! I usually opt for soy based burgers but these are actually made out of quinoa and walnuts. Topped with a slice of Violife cheese, lettuce and Nandos sauce and you have a pretty dreamy concoction.

amys kitchen vegan soups
amys kitchen vegan chilli

The soups are perfect for taking to work, I’ve been taking mine along with my handy microwavable soup cup for a quick and easy office lunch. You can pick these up in Tesco or online at Ocado for around £1.75 each, much cheaper than a Pret a Manger dash!

amys kitchen vegan ready meals
amys kitchen vegan mac n cheese

Think going vegan means missing out on good old Mac & Cheese? Think again! This rice Mac & Cheese will see to any cravings and it’s gluten free – double win. I always have a couple of these in my freezer for those nights I can’t bring myself cook.

With so many convenient meal options, replacements & restaurant menus it really is a great time to go vegan. It’s as simple as reaching for the almond milk over the cows milk,  I mean, why as a species are we drinking another animals breast milk anyway? These are the questions that got me first thinking about veganism, and honestly, I’ve never felt better. Finding your feet may take a few weeks or even months but with so many amazing brands offering vegan options a plenty, why not give a plant based diet a go? Just type in ‘vegan’ on Ocado and see how many wonderful replacements and products there are!

Thank you Amy’s Kitchen for sending me these wonderful products to taste test, its been a pleasure! Find the full range here on Ocado.

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