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Oh hi there, just a few pics from when I CASUALLY LIVED OUT MY CHILDHOOD DREAM of going to Laguna beach. Unfortunately didn’t bump into LC or Jason Wahler (remember him?) but I did get to bury my feet into the sand of the beach itself as I gazed around in amazement. 

So let’s rewind, Laguna wasn’t officially on our list of places we would be visiting on our California road trip but instead it was a last minute ‘Charlie we HAVE to stop here’ kinda thing. I’d always dreamed of one day mooching around the place that had me glued to MTV for some of the most pivotal years of my life. I dreamed of one day toasting marshmallows on the beach and flirting with cute surfer boys and OK that didn’t quite happen but it was real nice to tick this off my unofficial bucket list. So let’s take a look around…

The Lowdown

Location: Laguna Beach

Length of Stay: 1 night

Vital Info: Pack your bikini and flip flops! 1 or 2 nights is an ideal length of stay.

Where to Stay

Or should I say where not to stay. Ok maybe it wasn’t all that bad, actually no, it was pretty bad. For reasons unknown I put a little trust in Charlie and let him book us a last minute hotel for our one night in Laguna. A mistake I won’t be making again, and I’m not sure what was worse – the itchy bedsheets, 1970s style toilet or lack of fresh oxygen. The Seaside Laguna Inn was definitely not my kinda stopover but I guess it’s all part of a road trip. You never know where you might end up and you never know *one day* I might be ready to laugh about it. I would like to say at least it was cheap, but I’m pretty sure we left around $170 dollars down, hard times.

seaside laguna inn

In all its glory…

What To Do

The vibes in Laguna are totally chilled and the pace of life is definitely on the slower side but I’m not complaining! After a crazy 3 nights in Vegas and 4 nights in San Diego I was totally ready for some downtime. We spent our first afternoon wandering around the town, there’s not a huge amount but enough to keep you occupied. There are some lovely boutiques, I just wish I had more room in my suitcase to buy a few pieces but alas I restricted myself to just one new bag and a few foodie treats from Wholefoods. I honestly lose all control when entering Wholefoods in America, GIMME ALL the vegan snacks. They even had the vegan Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs, I was in my element.

After a wander, we headed to the beach for a game of frisbee and sat and watched the world go by. It felt like a real ‘pinch me’ moment, finally making it to the California location of my 15 year old self’s dreams! Another little area which I would recommend a little stop by is Laguna Village, here you’ll find a bunch of cute little shops selling homeware treats, jewellery, art and trinkets. There’s also a restaurant there called The Cliff which has incredible coastal views, and made me a delicious hummus sandwich.

Laguna Beach 5
Laguna Beach 4Laguna Beach 3
Laguna Beach 10
Laguna Beach 8
Laguna Beach 9
Laguna Beach 7
Laguna Beach 6
Laguna Beach 2

Laguna Beach was everything I’d dreamed of and more, and wow what a place to live. I better start saving for my Laguna retirement now! Stay tuned for the next instalment of our California road trip where we finally hit LA BABY!

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