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[Pondering Life at Yosemite National Park]

Well well well, its been a while! Okay, not years or anything even close to that but in terms of blogger world and internet world, it’s as if I retired altogether these past couple of months. So everything has been pretty crazy my end, which means I let aspects of life slip. This includes my ironing pile, general tidiness, a scary amount of Asos returns and this little space. My blog. You know what though, I really felt as though I needed to give my brain space from the constant pressure to keep the content flowing, bash out a bunch of scheduled tweets on Hootsuite and not to mention emails. I was getting to a place where I felt constantly stressed, pressured and had a little (ok maybe medium-sized) meltdown just before we headed off to the USA. IT WAS ALL TOO MUCH. 

So where have I been?


So as some of you may know from previous mentions I do work a ~day job in digital marketing, I’m not sure I’ve ever expanded on this, so basically I work for a local Cambridge marketing agency. My job tends to involve a lot of social media management, social media advertising, copywriting, SEO related activities and so on. I think blogging definitely guided the way for my career path, although my degree is in fashion marketing, digital isn’t really an aspect I had explored before I started hearing about ‘SEO’ and other terms in the blogosphere. Anyway, that’s another post but yes if you’re wondering where I am on a Monday afternoon then here’s your answer. 


As well as working my day job in digital, I also freelance. I’m the assistant editor over at Your Coffee Break, a women’s lifestyle/careers/fashion/everything online magazine so go have a little peruse! I love writing for the mag, and the editor Charlotte is just lovely. It does mean though that I have to be quite organised with my time, sometimes (most of the time) I feel like I need more days in the week! For the magazine I write articles in various categories from travel to beauty and style. I also review products and shoot images for the magazine’s social media every so often.  


My big USA trip is something I had dreamed of for YEARS, I mean we’re talking a decade maybe even more. Ever since those good old days of The OC and trying to figure out if I was more of a Ryan or a Seth girl. To this day I’m still not sure, I approved of Ryan’s broodiness but adored Seth’s geeky humour so the jury is still out on that one. So I took a month off of work to travel around California, with a stop in Nevada along the way. It took a lot of planning, a lot of research and really just consumed my life for the weeks leading up to it. But boy, was it worth it! I’m currently in the midst of writing up all about it which is causing a little post-travel depression as I flick through all of my photos *sob*

Trying to Maintain a Non-Internet Life

Oh and then there’s that. I’ve been trying to put my phone down a little more and not get so hooked on my social media accounts. It was actually so refreshing being in America, and feeling like I was LIVING life rather than refreshing my Instagram to have a look at everyone else living theirs. I’m not saying you have to be travelling somewhere exotic or even somewhere that isn’t your hometown to do this, it just gave me a bit of a wakeup call. There’s a big world out there that doesn’t involve Instagram or stressing about the Instagram algorithm. I felt so revitalised after hiking around Yosemite National Park with no signal, no technology and just my boots and backpack. I could definitely live the simple life!

So there we go, a little update/catch up for y’all. I’m not saying that everyone has been sitting wondering why I haven’t updated, not that at all but I felt it appropriate to give you the lowdown before I dive straight into an abundance of USA posts. OH and if you have any questions about planning a road trip around America, hiring a camper van or something else then do let me know as I will be doing a FAQ type post as I had a fair few messages whilst I was away about it all! Stayed tuned for my San Fransisco guide, any many more posts to follow now I’m feeling back into the swing of it all!

Thanks if you’ve stuck around, and don’t forget I’m now over on YouTube too and have a few videos lined up for the next month…

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