What better way to tie up the year's outfits than with this beautiful Zoe Karssen bomber jacket? Surprisingly, I've been pretty damn good with my spending on clothes this year. I cut way back and invested in key pieces and staple items rather than fads and trends. You may argue a slogan bomber falls into the trend category but I feel it's something that won't date and I will definitely get plenty of wear out of! Look at me being all sensible, it must be something to do with the mid-twenties. Alongside my beloved Acne bomber jacket, these are styles that I just love - give me errrrything oversized.
zoe karssen bomber jacket 4 zoe karssen bomber jacket 5 Zoe Karssen Bomber Jacket 1

zoe karssen bomber jacket 7 vegan new balance trainers zoe karssen bomber jacket 2 zoe karssen bomber jacket 3

I'll save the words for my next post, which is a small roundup of the year and a reflection of my goals.  In the mean time, I'm heading back to the sofa with the remainder of a pot of Twiglets. Can it be Christmas forever, please?