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So today I bring you another vegan related post! I wasn’t sure how much of my vegan lifestyle I was going to bring into this blog, with it being predominantly a fashion blog for the past 5 years. Over the past 6-12 months I’ve definitely enjoyed incorporating more lifestyle posts into this little corner of mine and much to my surprise my vegan posts have been some of my most popular EVER. I really wasn’t expecting that to be the case but perhaps more people are curious about a vegan lifestyle than I had estimated. You can read my initial post about going vegan here.

Since going vegan I’ve found a new love for food and cooking. I’d never been a foodie, even in my 16 years of vegetarianism, I wasn’t all that healthy. Dominos would happen far too often and I was never up for home cooking. Since changing my diet I’ve actually found so much enjoyment for discovering new alternatives, creating recipes and experimenting with new dishes. I get so excited when I find new vegan products in my local supermarket/health food shop, which led me onto my Vegan Kind subscription.

I came across The Vegan Kind on social media, and I was immediately interested. The idea of being sent new vegan items every month to trial is just genius. It gives you the opportunity to discover amazing new brands and trial products at a much cheaper cost. So let’s check out my first box!

Not part of the subscription box but I’ve been loving my vegan magazines recently, especially Vegan Life mag. It’s always packed with tonnes of amazing recipes, new brands and vegan friendly skincare/beauty.
the vegan kind subscription box review 2

Ohh the excitement! As you can see I opened up my first box to a packet of Ten Acre crisps, a pack of mug cakes, a crushed fruit pouch and a few other goodies! I can say now that Ten Acre are my new favourite brand of crisps AND their cheese and onion flavour are vegan friendly woohoo!the vegan kind subscription box review 3The box also included this fantastic alternative to honey, it’s a fruit syrup that’s super handy for using in baking but also as a topping for porridge or to use in your tea. I have to admit though, I HATE tea so I won’t be using it for that reason, I know, am I even British?

the vegan kind subscription box review 5

I’d never heard of nor tried a mug cake before. I was dubious, but I actually found these quite tasty and SUPER easy so if you’re feeling a little lazy and just want a quick fix for your sugar cravings I’d recommend these.
the vegan kind subscription box review 6
The box also contained a small carton of Oatly which I was super pleased about. After Alpo’s recent social media fail I was interested in seeking alternative brands and after Oatly’s terrific Twitter shade I wanted to give them a go. I’m a total Oatly convert now and use their milk on my cereal every morning – they’ve also just released a creme fraiche and custard in my local Tesco too!

The Jealous sweets were good timing as I was actually after some vegan gummy worms for a few Halloween treats I was making. I love the packaging too, very posh! Last but not least, a crushed fruit pouch which I can imagine would be a good lunch box addition for kids but I did also love it! Definitely a worthy on-the-go product. 

Overall I’m really pleased with my first box and can’t wait to receive my next! Visit and use code ‘vegan’ to grab £5 off your first box!

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