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I didn’t realise quite how formal this outfit looked until I uploaded the pics, a lot of effort made for a stroll into town for vegan mozzarella but there you go. 

I’m SO ready for A/W and I really mean it. I’ve seen a lotta lotta people say the same on Twitter, and also a few disagreeing claiming that Autumn time is over glamourised. I disagree. I’m always happiest during this period of the year. There’s something about September, I always feel refreshed, reenergised and ready for something new. Maybe it’s down to coinciding with the ‘new school year’ which is obviously not applicable to me anymore, unfortunately

Story 81 6

I love Halloween, I love the lead up to Christmas and I love just generally spending a lot of time under the blanket with a new boxset to binge on. Oh and how could I forget – Strictly Come Bloody Dancing! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miiiind summer but most of my happy summer memories are when I’m on holiday, carefree with sand between my toes. Which let’s face is all of two (three if I’m lucky) weeks of the year. 

Story 81 3
Story 81 5

I also much prefer winter fashion, summer clothing bores me and I’m all about the knitwear, coats, scarves and general ability to layer the hell out of everything. I find it much more interesting and my bank account usually weeps a hell of a lot around October time. Soz. 

Story 81 2
Story 81 8
Story 81 7

I’ll be having a bit of a clearout this winter as since going vegan back at the start of summer I’ve stopped wearing any clothing that consists of animal materials, from the tiniest detail of suede to the wool in my jumpers. I’m an all or nothing kinda gal and as soon as I made that decision that was that.

Thankfully I’ve discovered a tonne of amazing cruelty-free vegan brands, including Story 81 a stylish vegan bag range founded by Meeta Bhatt. I’m sporting the gorgeous Pia Bucket Bag in this post and I just love the pop of pink it adds to my outfit. I have a really thing for pink at the moment, who would have thought I would stray so far from my neutrals. 

Story 81 4

Zara Top / River Island Trousers / Asos Slip Ons / Story 81 Bag* / Asos Sunglasses

Are you an A/W gal like me?

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