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Whilst having my usual browse about HomeSense last weekend I had a little wander over to the skincare/hair section. I don’t usually venture over to this particular area as I’m usually too held up by the candles and notebooks but I was actually after a hair mask to soothe my battered and bleached locks.

I was surprised to find quite a few vegan friendly brands, whilst some skincare might be cruelty free it’s not necessarily 100% vegan so it was good to see it clearly labelled on some of the products here. They were all heavily reduced too, so here’s a little look at what I picked up!

pierres apothecary
So the product I actually wanted, a hair mask! Looking forward to trying this out, my hair has been feeling a little dry since my holiday so I just want to give it a bit of hydration. The packaging clearing states ‘tested on humans’ and there are no animal ingredients. Yay! This cost £7.99 which isn’t pretty good considering the amount of product you get.
vegan friendly skincare
Another clearly labelled vegan friendly product, making life much easier! I was in need of a new face wash anyway and it was only £3.99 so I added it into my little basket.
dr botanics face oil
This was probably my biggest bargain of the trip, Dr Botanicals face oil priced at £69 down to just £16! My current face oil is running a little low and at that price I couldn’t leave it on the shelf. Also a bit of a sucker for the minimal style of packaging…
cruelty free skincare
I had to do a quick google with this one as it didn’t state on the packaging as to whether they are cruelty free. Their website states that they absolutely do not test on animals, phew! I’m forever needing a lip balm, mostly due to losing them all.the.time. These cost £2.99 each!

I’ll definitely be checking out the beauty sections of HomeSense & TkMaxx more often. I used to write them off as old rubbish but I was pretty pleased with the selection I picked up. Have you had any good buys from there?

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