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Zara Shirt / River Island Trousers / Zara Trainers / Zara Bag / Abbott Lyon Sunglasses*

I wasn’t planning on blogging this outfit, as to be honest it wasn’t really a planned ensemble but I actually love this shirt so hey. Here we are. I’m really into shirts at the moment. I found myself eyeing up about 17 different styles in Zara and had to show some self restraint which was REAl hard. Their new season, as usual, is to die for. How do I save money and keep up my Zara addiction though?!

Sidenote, can we talk about the fact it’s mid August? Is this just how fast life goes once you hit adulthood? I’m not keen. I feel it should be around April at a stretch. Whilst I’ve ticked a few boxes off this year, I’d appreciate if we could have a few extra months. Having said that, I’m one of those annoying people that LOVES Autumn/Winter. Unless I’m abroad, I’m really not fussed about summer so bring on those jumpers, boots & layers. Haha SOZ. 

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