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Boohoo Top / River Island Trousers / Zara Jacket (from last summer) / Zara Slides (similar) / Zara Tote / Quay Sunglasses

Wow what a 24 hours I’ve had. To be honest I didn’t think I’d be posting at all this weekend, feel free to skip this part to the point I talk about what I’m wearing but you might have seen my tweets last night regarding one of my bunnies. Mimi (the latest to the troupe of four) didn’t seem herself at all yesterday afternoon, in just one hour she had gone from bounding around the garden to sitting very still and we just knew something wasn’t right. That’s the thing when you have indoor bunnies, you get to know their personalities so well you can just sense when something is up.

We got her into her carrier and headed straight out the door to the vets. Of course, it was 6pm on a Bank Holiday Weekend and we were stuck in traffic whilst I had Mimi on my lap suffering from a series of seizures. For a good five minutes I thought she had passed, I was such a wreck. But she sprung back to life, and basically it was the worst car journey of my life. We managed to get her to the vets (finally) and they rushed her straight in and kept her overnight. Thankfully we caught it just in time as it turned out to be a deadly parasite. Top tip – always insure your bunnies. I’m SO glad we have done this for ours.

ANYWAY. With drama aside, I did manage to snap some outfit shots earlier today before picking Mimi up. I feel like this outfit is quite ~jazzy for me. I kept saying ‘is this too much?’. I just couldn’t wait to wear all my new bits and pieces. I picked up these insanely cool Zara slides last week – aren’t they just the best things ever? I’ve had a few funny looks but whatever, my shoes are cuddlier than yours.

The top was a complete BARGAIN from Boohoo, and I mean bargain, it was 6 quid! How insane is that? I also bought pink too, who could resist at such a good price. I just love the flouncy sleeves, and can’t imagine wearing a top with normal sleeves ever again.

I’ve been umming and arrring over this bag for an eternity and finally decided to bite the bullet and just order it. It’s the handiest bag I own, it literally fits SO much stuff in it, I pretty much got my weekly shop in there earlier haha!

More from me soon – sorry for the rambling today! And in case you’re wondering, Mimi is doing just fine at the moment, hopefully she will continue to improve with lots of TLC.

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