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Gucci loafers without the Gucci price tag? I'm game.

I'll be honest, I usually detest dupes. For me, if I can't afford it I just won't buy it. Shoes are a little different though, as I have a terrible habit of wrecking them after a month, so 500 quid on something that will probably be battered by July? Nah. 

I actually love this pair of flats from Next, and they're only £30 which is even better. It seems granny shoes are having their moment this summer, and I'm all for it as I bloody hate heels. I just love comfort, what can I say? You usually won't catch me out of my trusty Stan Smiths so this is a big step as it is. 

Loafers aside, another strange entry to my wardrobe - a belt. I actually don't think I've worn one since 2008 when cinching waist belts were my jam. Vom. But I actually love how this particular Asos style looks with a pair of jeans. What do you think?