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I used to be truly awful at packing, mainly because I found it a long and boring chore. Once my BFF Rosie had to come round my house to help me pack, and by help I mean pack for me.

I’ve become much better over the past year or so as I find myself taking more city breaks and trips. So I’ve become quite crafty especially when you only have cabin bag you can take.

Cue horror.

How am I supposed to pack three nights and four days worth of clothes in one minuscule suitcase?

I’ve got an Instagram to keep updated y’know.

But here’s a few handy tips for both city breakin’ and summer holidaying.

1. Make Your Suitcase Stand Out

The amount of times I’ve stood at the conveyor belt of boredom at airports only to realise I’d watched my own suitcase go round about three times. I always tie a ribbon to the handle now so I can tell it’s my bag and don’t go walking off with Sarah from Newcastle’s holiday luggage instead of my own.

2. Ditch The Products

If I’m going on a city break I always take the essential make up with me, and I mean essential. You won’t catching me carrying my Naked palettes 1-3 with me. Just enough to make me look human. I never take deodorant, shower gel or hair products. I just locate a supermarket or chemists and buy them at my destination. It saves a surprising amount of space. 

3. Keep Hold Of Essentials

Most airlines enable you to carry a small handbag with cabin luggage. I always cram my phone, camera, money and passport in here. It makes them much easier to locate and take care of. Last month when I went to Berlin I was made to check my cabin bag in to the hold as they had run out of space on the plane. It’s fairly rare but it does happen, so it’s best to try and keep your valuables and important documents on you at all times.

4. Make Use Of ALL Space

And I mean all space. Stuff your shoes with socks and pants to make sure no space is left unused.

5. Pack A Bin Liner

I always pack a crafty little bin liner in my suitcase so that whilst I’m away, all my worn clothing and underwear can go into the bag and stay separate from my clean stuff.

6. Roll Don’t Fold

I’ve found I can actually fit more in if I roll my clothing, I don’t know why this is but yeah.

7. Split Your Stuff

This is more for long haul flights, but if myself and Charlie are heading on holiday for 1-2 weeks I often sneak a few essentials and clothing into his suitcase just in case something were to happen to mine. Then at least I’m covered for a day or two.

8. Stay Neutral

This is easy for me as my wardrobe doesn’t deter from black, white, grey and a few nude/camel tones. I always find it’s easiest to stick with a neutral wardrobe for city breaks as it means you can mix and match the few items you can squeeze into your case.

9. Do A Joey-As-Chandler

If in doubt, WEAR ALL THE CLOTHES. You might get a little bit hot on the plane, mind.

10. Make A List

I ALWAYS make a list when I’m packing otherwise there is a 100% chance I will forget something. Create a list in advance of all your essentials and tick it off as you pack. Then you should be good to go…

Do you have any packing hacks I should know about?

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