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Cohorted April Box*

You may remember that I previously reviewed the Cohorted March Box, but if you didn’t catch it – then a little recap. I’ve never subscribed or brought into beauty boxes before. Mainly as there’s just so many and I never know if they’re worth it.

Well I’ve definitely fallen for the Cohorted box, both boxes have seriously impressed me and I can definitely understand the hype now! This months box included a full size perfume from The Body Shop, a Mac lip pencil, Gold Elements nail care kit, Miss Patisserie Bath Melt and MDM Flow lipstick. Overall the box value equals £93 which isn’t bad when you consider it retails at £35 including delivery. 

The only downside with beauty boxes is you can’t control the colour you might receive of a certain lipstick or eyeshadow etc, but in a way that’s half the fun as you can try something a little different to your usual! 

So far, the perfume definitely gets a big thumbs up from me as I love that musky scent and it’s actually quite light and fresh, perfect for spring/summer. The nail care kit is also great, the buffing block has really improved the look of my nails (they’re so shiny and smooth now!) and a hand cream is always welcome in my beauty stash as I go through them so quickly!

I love the packaging of the MDM flow lipstick, although the shade is quite a shocking pink so I’m not sure I’ll wear it myself but hey it will look cute on my desk! 

Overall I can see myself making use of all the products from box one and two (perhaps except from the lippy) but just one product out of two boxes is pretty good going in my eyes.

You can buy the Cohorted Beauty Box here.

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