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Abbott Lyon Suede Kensington Watch*

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A good watch is a staple for all of my outfits, I don’t feel complete if I’m not wearing one I think it just finished a look off. I usually wear quite a bulky, masculine style of watch but for a while now I’ve been after something a little more lightweight with a material strap rather than the heavy chain I’ve been used to.

This Abbott Lyon design is just perfect, they have such a wide range of styles all with a minimalist, elegant vibe. I also adore this Kensington style with the black watch face but I opted for white as I wanted something truly classic, and specifically with silver detailing rather than gold.

The watch itself is lightweight, yet not to an extent where it feels cheap by any means. It sits on my wrist just perfectly and the adjustable strap means I don’t have to take it to the jewellers to get links removed for once!

If you fancy yourself a little Abbott Lyon in your life then don’t forget to use my discount code – it’s valid for 14 days!

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